Development Roadmap

Services & Solutions
Q1 2021Ray Website Portal
Q1 2021Pools & APIs
Q1 2021Ray Wallet
Q1 2021Wallet Send / Receive
Q1 2021Wallet Stake
Q1 2021Wallet Rewards
Q2 2021XRAY Token
Q2 2021Cardano-Web3.js
Q2 2021Wallet Native Tokens
Q2 2021Wallet Mobile Layout
Q3 2021Hardware Wallets Support
Q3 2021Ray Swap
Q3 2021Wallet Tokens Minting
Q3 2021Wallet Tx Metadata
Q3 2021Chrome Extension
Q4 2021Ray KickStart
Q4 2021Ray NFT Marketplace
2022Ergo Support
2022Data Containers
Q3 2021Windows App Electron
Q3 2021macOS App Electron
Q3 2021iOS App Cordova
Q3 2021Android App Cordova

Development Updates

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