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What is the Ray Network?

Ray Newtork is a decentralized finance ecosystem based on the Cardano blockchain platform. Our goal is to make smart contract payments available to anyone.

What is the XRAY?

XRAY token is a payment token for those services, such as premium RayNFT marketplace placement, Ray KickStart placement, tokens minting, will be used as a governance token, yield farming in RaySwap, and B2B service based on Atala PRISM.

What is the RaySwap?

RaySwap is a decentralized finance protocol that is used to exchange cryptocurrencies. The protocol facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Cardano blockchain through the use of smart contracts.

What is the RayKickstart?

RayKickstart exists to help bring creative projects to life through tokenization. It allows you to create and fund your projects in minutes. A crypto-home for services, products, film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, and more.

What is the RayNFT Marketplace?

RayNFT is a decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

Advanced Ecosystem for Cardano Blockchain Platform. Powered with Cardano

Cardano Mainnet Status: Epoch 0, Block 0, Slot 0

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